Mosbeau Placenta Collagen Jelly Sticks Review Part2

Hi guys! I’m back for the second part of my review of the Mosbeau Placenta Collagen Jelly! I’m sorry I wasn’t able to make the review exactly after the 15 days trial of the product. I was out of town for a week. But worry not, because I have loads of information to share about my experience on this product! 🙂

As you guys can remember I mentioned in my previous post that I’ll be trying a new whitening product from Mosbeau. Mosbeau just recently released a new product in their line which is the Placenta Collagen Jelly. To know more about the details of the product, here’s the link to the first part of this review:

Since I wanted to try and see first whether the product was nice I opted for a box of 15 sachets only. The timing of trying this product was perfect since I just came from a beach in Bacolod which got my skin tone a bit uneven. Another thing, I’ll be mentioning some feedback from my mom and sister since they took this too.

Moving on to my review, I took the product every morning with an empty stomach as indicated in the instructions on its box. I usually had it 30 minutes to an hour before I eat my breakfast depending on how busy I am. I would also sometimes drink water before or after eating it. Also, I took Vitamin E and/or C in the evening before I sleep. I don’t know if these were still necessary since there was already Vitamin E and C in the product itself. But I was hoping that supplementing it would boost its effect since Vitamin E is anti-oxidant too and Vitamin C helps increase the levels of Vitamin E as well as in Glutathione recycling by converting it to its reduced form which is able to act on free radicals. Also, taking higher doses of Vitamin C is said to lighten skin over time. If you want to know more about these two you could check this website: 

I will try to do my best to describe the product in more specific details:

The over all packaging was nice with its white, gold and pink accent. The box was a little heavier than what I expected considering that it contained only fifteen sachets. But there’s really nothing wrong with that. In fact, I feel liked it. It somehow added to it’s quality. There’s this feeling that I’m getting what I actually paid for. Anyway, maybe it’s just me and my weirdness 😀

I like the taste and the feeling of the product in my mouth. It has a Mango flavor and it doesn’t have any weird after taste or any gooey feeling that would make you want to throw out. For me it’s just like eating any Mango flavored jelly ace and you wouldn’t even think that it has a horse placenta in it. I know. The sound of it can make one imagine a lot of weird things but it really was okay. 🙂

Digestive Reactions:
None. I didn’t get any bad digestive reactions after my first intake of the product. Although in the case of mom, she said she had hyperacidity. I guess it really differs from one person to another.


  • I noticed some mild effect on my skin in less five days of taking this product.* My skin was smoother and more supple. It’s so hard to explain the feeling of the texture my skin but the closest that I could think of is of a felt paper :)) I know it sounds weird but that’s what I would remember whenever I touch my skin.
  • My uneven skin tone got a little fairer.
  • I also used to have huge and deep lines under my eyes which I got from always sleeping late but I noticed that it somehow became less obvious.
  • During the time I was taking this product I had small pimples on my forehead which I badly want to get rid off. Sadly, there wasn’t much obvious effect on it. My guess is because I’m having hormonal imbalances which I’ll be mentioning again later.

*In the case of my sister, she already noticed the effect in her skin in just two days. My sister has been suffering from skin condition called Dermatitis which made her skin very sensitively react to a lot of substances. She would always have open wounds in her hands and arms which would always take a long time to heal and would leave dark spots and scars. If ever they do heal a simple scratch can easily break her skin and would open her wounds again. And so she decided to try taking collagen supplements to help restore the structural integrity of her skin. She tried the Mosbeau Collagen Jelly Sticks and surprisingly the effect of that product was helpful for her skin condition. She said her skin was less prone to easily getting wounds and that her wounds at that time started to close. Just like me she only wanted to try it first. A week, after the 15 days trial, of not taking the product, the part of her skin that have not yet completely healed started becoming prone to breaking again. She then decided to purchase again and have it for maintenance until she no longer need that much supplementary collagen.

Other effects:
Another thing I experienced during the time I was taking the product is that I started to have bleeding. I just finished my menstrual period for the month of May however after two weeks I started having some strong bleeding and not just some faint spotting. It kind of alerted me. I researched about it and one reason that I could think of was hormonal imbalance because the Placenta component of the product is trying to inhibit Melanin production thus the reaction. Another things is that it could be one of its ways to clean the body. I’m not sure of its mechanism though. I would like to also mention that I used to have my period every first week of the month then over time it became every third week of the month but again because of the said product I had my period during the first week of June 2015 which lasted for seven days. I heard also from my sister who had a irregular menstrual cycle that she had the same experience. She didn’t have any menstruation for several months already and she’s not even pregnant. But after taking that she started having monthly period.

-Accessibility (Watsons/Mercury Drugstore/Online)
-Very nice and secured packaging
-Mosbeau have variety of options to offer when it comes to amount, number of days to take, whether it’s anti-aging/whitening/both
-I can easily bring the sachets with me anywhere
-I didn’t have to worry about forgetting to take any tablets 2x or 4x a day
-I like its Mango flavor
-My skin got smoother and softer in less than few weeks (I just love it! <3)
-My skin got fairer and even considering that I took it only for 15 days
-The tiny rashes on my chest disappeared and now I can confidently wear tank tops ( Oops, I forgot to mention this a while ago 🙂 )

-It’s a bit pricey
-Didn’t see much effect on the pimples on my forehead
-I don’t know whether to put my sudden menstrual bleeding under the Pros or  the Cons but I placed it here since it bothered me
-Mosbeau could have given more detailed product description like indications or contraindications even if it’s just a food supplement

Overall rating: 4.5/5
This would be my initial rating since I only tried the product for 15 days but I think that this product have a lot of promising potentials.

Will I recommend this product?

I definitely would especially to those people who wants to get an anti-aging and whitening benefit at the same time. It’s quite pricey but I ‘d rather go for something a bit expensive as long as I know I can trust the product.

*You could try consulting your doctor first before taking this if you’re worried about getting negative side effects because of some certain health conditions.
*If you’re not convinced with the product you could opt for smaller quantities first. Note that the effect would vary from each person depending on one’s skin tone/condition and over all health status.
*Follow the instructions. Be consistent and diligent in taking the product. Let the product take effect by avoiding anything that would decrease its potency.

So that’s my Mosbeau Placenta Collagen Jelly experience! I hope that this review will be a great help to all of you guys! If you guys have any additional info or suggestions feel free to comment below! 🙂 See you in my next product review! 🙂


13 thoughts on “Mosbeau Placenta Collagen Jelly Sticks Review Part2

  1. nicaMosbeau says:

    hello ladies !
    this is nica, im working as an account executive at MOSBEAU international , the no.1 skincare brand in the philippines and japan.for more informations , inquiries, assistance , discounts and promos please do add me on facebook : jenica ann ramos arevalo or at whatsapp/viber:09059074717 or send me an email at , so i can assist you further .

    thank you and have a great day


  2. Zainub hamdoon says:

    Hi. Sounds interesting . I am 63years old my skin looks great I have two deep smile lines and a bit puffiness under my eyes will it work for me … If it does where can I order as I am from SRI LANKA
    thank you


    • itsmyjanne says:

      Hi! Mosbeau really is such a wonderful product and it can really do a lot of wonders on one’s skin. But, do take note that effects and the duration of usage of certain products vary depending on how your body would metabolize it. You could try it first and see for yourself and let’s both hope it gives the same skin benefits to you. 🙂 As for a good store to buy it, there are a lot of online stores who would offer them but just make sure that it’s not a scam or anything like it. For more info about their other products just check their main site: I think if skin whitening is not much of your concern you could opt for their collagen drink or their skin repair 100:wrinke and eyebag remover. 🙂 All the best! 🙂


  3. Sano says:

    HI dear . I am looking for an anti aging and whitening product with shout more effective for whitening plus anti aging I am 27 years old nut I look older than my age . I need your advise shal I use this placenta collagen


    • itsmyjanne says:

      Hi Sano, if you’re more concerned with achieving a whiter sakin I would recommend the Mosbeau Placenta White in tablet form since it has some anti-aging effect too. Plus, given your age, I don’t think you’ll be needing that much of collagen replenishing yet. 🙂


  4. Jane says:

    Hi im jane. Im 19 yrs old. Its my 3rd week since i used mosbeau. Few days ago i just realized that my skin becomes lighter more. My appetite becomes double and i felt sleepy the the times is that ok? And can mosbeau affect menstration ?


    • itsmyjanne says:

      Hi Jane, in my case it did affect my menstrual cycle but I’m not sure with the other symptoms you’ve experienced. But it may be due to hormonal changes connected to the changes in your menstrual cycle. 🙂 You could try consulting a Gynecologist regarding this if you find it a little disturbing. 🙂


    • itsmyjanne says:

      Hi, I’m not sure if it will affect your hormones in any way since my menstrual cycle seemed to have been affected by it. Moreover, as I’ve mentioned here my sister who has been amenorrheic suddenly had her period when she took the collagen jellies. With regards to breast cancer it’s something that can be hormonal. If you’ve been clear of any signs of new growths in other body parts like the uterus, ovary, as well as the other breast then I guess it’ll be fine. But the best thing you can do is to consult your Gynecologist about it first. I hope this helps! ☺️


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