Dr. James Glutathione Review

Hi guys! I’ll be writing my first ever blog and review on a whitening product. And I can’t wait to share more of my experiences with you!

What lead me to writing a review about whitening products. I actually have a light yellowish skin color. I don’t get cystic acne although I do get some small pimples from time to time especially whenever I’m about to have my monthly period. So to cut it short, I don’t have a perfect skin. I’ve never tried any whitening pills before because I’ve never really had any reasons to do so. However, I’ve heard and read a lot of reviews and testimonials on whitening products promising a very smooth, clear, and glowing skin and this got me so curious. And so I searched for good brands of whitening pills and read a lot of reviews about them and one of the brands that I end up with was the Dr. James Glutathione. There were a lot of good reviews regarding this product and so I searched for online sellers and I found one in Lazada. I was so happy to actually find this brand in Lazada because from what I know it’s a trusted online store promising the authenticity of each and every product that they feature and sell. I searched thru Lazada and found more than one match of the same brand and its prices vary from P400+ to P1500+. I was thrilled by the highly discounted price that they offered and since I wanted something affordable yet effective I decided to buy and try it. I ordered 2 bottles one for me and my sister which cost me P420 each and a total of P895 including the shipping fee. I had it sent through a Cash on Delivery basis to ensure I won’t lose anything in case my order does not arrive at all. And so after that they sent me a confirmation message and updated about the details of the delivery of my order. I was impressed with how very hands-on they were with their customers. However, this wasn’t enough to make me feel assured of my purchase so I did more research on product authenticity and reviews on the quality of Lazada’s products services and I bumped into one blogger who had an experience in buying from same online store.

This was the site where I read the review:

After reading that review I got worried that I’ll end with the same situation, and so I messaged Lazada with:

And they replied with:

After this, considering that I got the product for a very low price, I just accepted it and waited for the product to be delivered. And so, finally, Lazada confirmed the shipping of my order and I got it on May 29, 2015. I was excited and at the same time nervous to receive my order. At last, I can confirm the product’s authenticity! I took some photos of the packaging and the products that I ordered:

WP_002335 WP_002345

The packaging was nice enough considering that I only got two items.

I found a photo showing which bottle is fake or not, you could check it from:

I tried opening the capsule and saw a brown powder. It didn’t smell like a rotten egg or anything like that as some would say. It smelled and tasted like something organic or like that of in tea.

WP_002401  WP_002411

I read a lot of reviews, some say that the content of the capsule should be white and sour, some says that it should be brown. I took this product for three days and stopped already since I’m not really sure which one was real and I don’t want to risk it. Well, I learned my lessons. So if you guys are planning to purchase any whitening product make sure that you can tell the difference between an authentic and fake, and  buy it from a trusted distributor because you wouldn’t want to risk your health just to save a few hundreds or thousands to achieve that white and glowing skin.

Disclaimer: I’m not saying that Lazada sells fake products, it’s just that sometimes you can’t avoid these problems. So just always remember to weigh every options that you have and buy wisely.

For more reviews of the product you could check these sites where they actually show different colors of the content of the capsules:

If you have any  information about Dr. James Glutathione feel free to add a comment! πŸ™‚


29 thoughts on “Dr. James Glutathione Review

    • itsmyjanne says:

      Hi, Mysticpersia, I wish I could help you answer that. But I, myself, am clueless which one is real and not that’s why I stopped using it. And so far those links I have posted in my blog were the only reviews available for Dr. James Glutathione.


  1. pinky says:

    Hi I want to any other side effects like swelling of face etc…may occur while consumption of these capsules..because when I use anti biotics or pain killers the next day my face swoolens.


    • itsmyjanne says:

      Hi pinky, this Dr. James Glutathione I bought from Lazada did not make my face swollen nor gave me any adverse reactions. I stopped using it since I bought it without knowing which one was really authentic or not. Based on what you said you probably had an allergic reaction with that specific antibiotic but there are a lot of alternative antibiotics which may suit you. I suggest you consult your doctor first before using another one to avoid such future adversities. Going back to your question, the way my body reacted to this product may be different to yours. Moreover, I’m still clueless on which one is authentic or not. We may never know, the damage can happen inside the body without you even noticing it. My advice would be for you to buy a product you can really trust and is approved by the FDA. πŸ™‚ I hope this helps! πŸ™‚


  2. Anabella Romanillos says:

    When I start taking this product noticed that my skin is getting firmer my allergies gone,before I can’t eat poultry products, my dandruf was gone and my skin is getting white and shiny,this is really a good stuff and I strongly recommend to everybody …..try it and you will love it honest.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Lokesh says:

    I am having too much darker skin than anyone having. So I was searching the tips for white skin since from internet introduced. My only doubt is does this really works?


    • itsmyjanne says:

      Hi, I’m not certain about this brand of glutathione because I did not push thru with it. However, there are a lot of whitening supplements that really does a lot wonders on the skin. If you’re concerned about the quality and safety of a product, I suggest you go for those that were approved by FDA. I hope this helped. πŸ™‚


  4. srija says:

    Hi I have dark skin tone I use many whitening products with costly but no one result for me. So is this pills is really works?


    • itsmyjanne says:

      Hi Manish, it will most likely do since the whitening part is just a side effect of a certain level of glutathione in your system and it will also depend on the frequency of your sun exposure. πŸ™‚


  5. Gerard says:

    Hi miss Jane. You actually purchased an authentic product. The contents is supposed to be dark brown in color. I hope you did not throw away the product.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. nonny says:

    guys its possible to get this products in my country because I paid R2100 plus shipping fees for this last year when I was expecting my Oder couldn’t receive it till today so now I’m scared to Oder online any advised disparate need it


  7. Anil says:

    Just by taking capsules, do I become flawlessly glowed and shiny. Does it whitens all over the body or some parts. I am medium brown. Can I buy capsules and take 1-2 dosage per day. And If I carry for month or more, do I get a good result for sure. Apart from dosage of capsules, should I take any other supplement like pills and Glutathione Injection.
    I am bit confused of getting into this. What to do, what should I prefer first. Please Sir, suggest best choice for quick and efficient whitening treatment.


    • itsmyjanne says:

      Hi, the fastest route for the absorption of glutathione supplements would be through IV since if it’s oral (pills) it will have to go through metabolism in the liver which decreases the amount glutathione that would stay in your system. Whether it would take effect faster would depend on the dosage of the reduced glutathione that works in your system. Another factor would be degree of skin pigmentation (amount pf melanocytes). Considering all these, choose the fastest route which is IV (but weigh the risks such as infection, allergic reactions, etc., be sure it is to be administered by a licensed nurse; consider the price), choose a higher dose, and take it more frequently but still within the recommended frequency. Hope this helps.


    • itsmyjanne says:

      You can try IV for faster and visible results then you could maintain with oral glutathione. People get different effects, it would really vary. And you’ll never know unless you try it. πŸ™‚


  8. bonnie says:

    hello there, i just bought dr.james in one of the pharmacys here in Saudi arabia, i am searching for the reviews because it is confusing me for aunthentic or not just by looking the content in the capsule. i tried to open one and i saw same as your photo, it is light brown w/o any foul smell. i will try to consume it and i hope it is not fake. give me some more review if you tried it already. thank you


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